Instant hot water

Have hot water instantly throughout the house

The extension of the pipes to the heat source influences the time waiting for hot water to reach the taps.
Conventional solutions, such as recirculation circuits, solve the problem at the expense of a significant increase in energy consumption (more than 50%).
With INstant DHW you have immediate hot water in all taps without any energy waste, being the only solution on the market that combines comfort, water efficiency and energy efficiency.

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Innovative technology

An innovative and unique technology on the market

The IN thermal battery is installed next to the consumption points, immediately heating the water stanganted in the pipes.
Heat is accumulated through the process of changing state of a material inside the battery. With the passage of cold water, this material changes state (liquid-solid) releasing heat and heating water.
The IN thermal battery does not require any maintenance, as the process of changing state is fully reversible (25 years warranty), nor any electrical connection.

A solution for the whole house

Immediate hot water on all taps

The IN solution ensures instant hot water on all taps of your home.
The replacement of heat used in water heating, is done only with the passage of hot water which causes the battery material to change state (solid-liquid) accumulating heat.
In the event that the hot water usage time does not ensure full battery charge, the IN requests support to the central system (Master) that activates the local recirculation of hot water momentarily to complete the charge.

Elegance and simplicity

Minimalist and elegant aesthetic impact on your house compartments

The IN product is composed by the thermal battery and the LFC module (which contains the hydraulic connections, sensors and actuators).
The thermal battery, as it does not require maintenance, can be installed within the walls. The LFC module is built-in with an access cover (in black tempered glass or brushed stainless steel) for any needed technical intervention.
The visual impact of this solution is minimal making it versatile and easily integrated in the many types of environments.

Analyse your project's DHW plan

Know how long you'll wait for hot water

Through our DHW Audit software we will analyze your construction/remodeling project and we will tell how much time you will have to wait for the hot water in each of the compartments.
You will also get to know the amount of water you'll waste every month, as well as the energy wasted if you make use of a recirculation system.

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